Was This Your Experience Walking Into The Office Daily?

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I spent the first twelve years of my professional life dealing with bosses and situations like this one, not unlike many of you.

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Passive Profit 101 - Who is Stephen Gardner?

I'm Stephen Gardner, from New York. I am a full-time Internet Consultant and business owner.

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2011, when I resigned from my full time job as a database developer. I went from a 9-5 job living paycheck to paycheck to starting my own successful Internet business. While the journey has not always been the smoothest ride, I have no regrets and continue to build a business that supports my family and I for the future.

Today, I have expanded into several online revenue streams including blogging, eCommerce, affiliate niche sites, outsourcing, product development & SEO. I'm continuing to focus on passive revenue streams that let me earn an income while not tied to a computer or daily routine.

My driving goal has been to build up the business from absolute scratch to seven figures and beyond, while enjoying life by having time for my friends, family and loved ones. I am thankful each day for the opportunities this lifestyle has given me, and I appreciate you and all my readers for their ongoing support, interest & engagement.

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Stephen Gardner
Internet Strategist

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