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Handling the day-to-day activities of a sole proprietorship can be demanding in both time and effort. The key challenges faced by small business owners are often managing their existing customers and finding new ones. Now, running a small business has never been easier, thanks to Hatchbuck CRM Sales and Marketing Software. Hatchbuck streamlines the internal systems of your business while boosting opportunities for lead and sales.

Developed by an innovative team called System Revenue, this exciting new software helps optimize sales and increase profitability by saving time and manpower. It allows the user to maintain their focus on exploring opportunities and meeting their customers’ needs. The software has a very user-friendly interface and does not require advanced skills to operate. The programs are easy to launch and run efficiently.

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Business owners can use this software in a variety of ways. The following are just a few examples.

Customer Relationship Management

Hatchbuck CRM sales and Marketing Software has a unique application called Integrated Customer Relationship Management. This feature allows users to edit, sort and arrange customer contacts in a very unique platform. It displays links, emails, and documents that organizes customer information, business, and contacts.

With Hatchbuck, users can easily follow transactions, find trends, and predict a customer’s future needs based on a detailed communication history. It is easy to determine if a customer’s requirements have been fulfilled.

Email Marketing and Marketing Tools

With this feature, users can customize emails to be sent automatically, at time intervals of their choosing, or in response to customer requests. This will minimize time spent drafting individual emails, reduce interruptions in the workday, and allow users to seek prospects, follow up on leads, and maintain communication.

Web tracking

This exciting application gives an opportunity to closely monitor what a customer is browsing on the Internet. It neatly captures data on sites the clients visit. By tracing a customers’ browsing habits, users can understand and even anticipate a client’s needs.


This is a critical feature to business proprietors. By analyzing business performance, owners can find areas of excellence, weak spots, and opportunities for growth or expansion.


Among the numerous benefits of Hatchbuck are its ease of use. The interface is predictable and easy to comprehend. It keeps a detailed record of interactions between a business and its clients and its email possibilities save time and money. The metrics feature, which analyzes the business, makes it easy to project revenue, cost, and client needs. It is a time-saver, perhaps its most important feature for a busy business owner. It also has an excellent customer support team.

The major shortcoming of Hatchbuck CRM is its limited 3rd party integrations. With the recent connection to Zapier, this limitation has eased somewhat, however seeing Hatchbuck open up its connections with other applications would be ideal. It has no mobile app and no calendar.


Hatchbuck is for small businesses who want high quality marketing tools but don’t want the high cost or complexity of competitive software. But the company is new and we will hopefully see additional features in the near future. Remarkably, within weeks its user base increased by 80%. You would be hard pressed to find a better user interface or a more attentive customer support than Hatchbuck. It is a high-quality product at an inexpensive price.

Hatchbuck is for small businesses who want better marketing tools than Insightly or Zoho, but don’t want to deal with the high price tag or complexity of HubSpot, InfusionSoft or Pardot.

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