Passive Profit 101 Resources & Tools

Occasionally I mention tools, books, and other websites I use and/or recommend, as well as other marketers and mentors that I have learned from. This page includes an easy-to-access list. I hope it’s helpful!

Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you choose to make a purchase. I recommend them out of personal experience and I am very grateful for your support of this site in this way. Thank you.

Website Hosting & Domains

Blue Host

BlueHost is a hosting company built on open source technology, and is one of the largest providers for cloud-based online solutions globally. They are a beneficial company because of their reliability factor when it comes to storage for data and information. Because they have been running since 2003 and have a large list of clientele, their reputation speaks for itself. They also come with tools to help you build your domain from the ground up.

Newsletters & Mailing Lists


Aweber is such a great company because they have solutions which can be used over a Smartphone mobile device, deliverability that is leading in its industry, live support and even easy importing. Importing is so important because it migrates your current selection without going with another opt-in. Awebber even offers auto responders which will help save you time, and you can even integrate WordPress, Facebook, Shopify, PayPal and more. They give you the option to begin building your business at just $1, as well.


Hatchbuck offers some great marketing and sales software for both experts and beginners alike, regardless of what level of experience you have in the matter. They mostly deal with smaller businesses but will even help large business achieve their dreams. They offer intuitive, affordable and solutions which are easy to use when it comes to the market of small businesses. They have helped small, medium and large businesses get the boost that they need so badly since 2012.

Affiliate Marketing

Commission Junction

Commission Junction allows million of consumers who are shopping online to use their affiliate marketing network and earn commissions through publishers and advertisers. They help businesses acquire new customers, buyers to sell more and publishers generate more revenue. They are so beneficial because they literally have different, and great, opportunities for everyone who needs to step their game up a little bit.

Other Income Sources


Amazon has an Associates program for affiliates which is great for those who own websites and want to earn some extra money. By adding links to products on your websites, you will earn a commission of the sale whenever one of your readers or viewers clicks it and purchases the product. It's also great for those who would like a different direction to sell or buy products online.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is perfect for someone who wants to create advertisements for their products online. You just sign up to create an account, create your advertisements for your products and use the generated code given in your sidebar for your website. You can literally paste this code anywhere you want, whether it is on your website or on a different website. This is very beneficial to sellers because you can get your name out wherever you want, at any time.

Keeping Track of Money

BluePay Merchant Services

BluePay Merchant Services gives you access to so many different resources and opportunities that you literally cannot turn this option down. You have access to B2B payment processing, integrated payments, batch processing, enterprise case studies, security options and even enterprise plugins. They have secure solutions for both Android and iOS devices and are the leading revolution when it comes to online payments.


This resource is absolutely beneficial for everyone because it allows you approve credit cards without the additional set up. FreshBooks helps you track your information and keep it organized. One of the best features offered by FreshBooks is the late fees which are added onto late payments.

SEO / Social Media


SpyFu gives you access to a keyword generator which builds ideas related to profitable keywords from your competitors. Thus giving you control over new keywords which will match your search volume demands, and even helps you to brainstorm new ideas. SpyFu offers features such as finding backlink opportunities, measuring content by page and keeping track of keywords and domains for you. This is beneficial because you will be able to start with full confidence knowing that you have the best option available in regards to keywords.

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